Chaos to Control

Blogging, Life & Motherhood

Overwhelmed? Feel stuck? Finding balance as a blogger is hard enough, but if you are also a parent multitasking is taken to a whole new level. Discover ways to work WITH your unique circumstances as a mom and get chaos organized.


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What Kind Of Info Do You Need?

Start a blog over a laptop, coffee, smartphone and paper

Just Starting Out?

Overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead of you starting a blog? Find step-by-step instructions to go from nothing to launch.

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Mom AND a Blogger?

Feeling stuck as a mom who also blogs? Discover ways to balance life, work, and motherhood for a more fulfilled day-to-day.

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Building Your Blogging Skills?

Exhausted researching all the topics you need to learn to blog? Discover no crap information to help you on your blogging journey.

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MyBlog Workbook

Overwhelmed with your blogging journey? Get your blogging chaos organized with FREE worksheets and checklists to keep track of everything!

This printable workbook is also fillable (you can type directly into the pdfs)!

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First Course Experiences

Thinking about creating your first online course? Learn what worked and didn’t work from successful course creators on their first launch.

Learn from: Sally Miller, Elna Cain, Cate Rosales, Megan Johnson, and Chelsea Clarke.

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"Parenthood: A guessing game with a million handbooks."

About Kristine

As a mom of 2 and a blogger, I GET IT! I bring my experience as a project manager, parent, blogger, and organization nerd to cut through the crap, tackle tough topics, and organize the heck out of life (with flexibility).