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Blogging About Momming

Launched 2019

Get chaos organized as a mom and blogger without all the crap.

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I’m Kristine, a married work-at-home-mom (WAHM) with 2 kids (ages 1 & 4). As a former project manager, and owner of 2 blogs, you will get no-fluff information from a mama who “gets it”.

Let’s get a few things straight – I’m an introverted control freak who nerds out over organization.

As a mother, I’ve had to learn to give up a lot of control (I mean, you can’t control when or even if your child eats or sleeps).

But I liken the whole experience to when I was the sole Producer on a multi-million dollar project (for 2 years!) for Nick Jr. with 8+ Brand Managers (all with their hands in the project)…everyone has different needs (like personalities), maturity levels (like ages), and time restrictions (like bedtimes, appointments, school, the list goes on and on).

My blogs are my business, but motherhood means I have more clientele. And while I do put myself and my business first sometimes, my kids are my top clients. While they don’t pay the bills, they fill my life with joy and love in ways I never knew was possible.

In order to discover your “zone” of organized chaos (every mama is different), you need to embrace your current circumstances and tackle your pain points to discover a happier day-to-day.

And that’s what you will find on BloggingAboutMomming.com.

You’re busy. I’m busy. Let’s cut through the crap and bring your blogging and momming life to success.

Let’s Connect

I’d love to chat and connect with you in the Blogging About Momming Facebook group specifically for blogging moms to find support and share their content.

Or you can find me on Pinterest and on my Facebook page.

Yup, that’s actually me as a hot mess mom (begrudged photo credit to my husband)

Where To Start

Here are some good places to start

Free Workbook!

Whether you are just starting out or have been blogging for a while, I have a FREE MyBlog workbook that will help you organize all things blogging (with new pages added all the time).

Overwhelmed and exhausted as a blogger and a mom? The Get Chaos Organized for Mom Bloggers course will help you go from chaos to control, no matter your circumstances as a mom or blogger. Check it out here.