How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts With Keywords

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SEO is one of those things that people groan over. But, using SEO to increase your organic traffic is a way to support the longevity of your blog and, potentially, explode your traffic. If you want your post to rank in search engines (like Google), … Read More

Using Content Pillars And Landing Pages In SEO

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SEO isn’t just about keywords. Search engines (like Google) want to see how your content relates to itself. Use content pillars on your blog (through categories) and landing pages to segment your blog content to provide a clear structure of content for search engines AND … Read More

Creating Blog Images And How To Find Blog Pictures

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Blogs aren’t all about text. Readers are very visual and want imagery to go with the blog post that is appealing and matches the content they are reading. Provide pictures on your blog that appeals to your audience, whether you are using stock images or … Read More

5 Blog Post Types To Help Generate The Best Blog Posts

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If you’ve ever asked yourself: “what can I blog about?” there are a number of ways to answer this question! Part of that is answered by choosing a niche (basically your blog category) and topics (based on your niche), but another is defining the type … Read More