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How To Easily Set-Up SiteGround Hosting For WordPress In 15 Minutes

Choosing a blog host is a tough decision, especially with so many opinionated bloggers out there. But if you have decided to host your site with SiteGround, getting set-up is soooo easy!

Below is a step-by-step guide to setting up your blog hosting with SiteGround in 15 minutes!

I currently host with SiteGround and love them. Previously, I was with Bluehost and had no issues with them. The only reason I made the switch was to compare the services. I find SiteGround to have better customer service and their backend is much easier to understand (the Customer Area).

Keep in mind that SiteGround has a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you sign up and decide it’s not for you, you can request a refund.

SiteGround also offers free SSL licenses to those that host with them! This will help you with SEO and show your readers that you are trustworthy by adding the “s” after the “http” in your domain to show your site has been encrypted for additional security. (see this post on plugins to help your site always show the encryption https once your SSL is installed)

See my Work With Me page to see how you can get some of my time by signing up for Siteground with my affiliate link! Click here to learn more.

Set Up Your Site

Getting started with SiteGround is suuuuper simple. Here’s what you need to do.

Head on over to SiteGround:

The very first step is to go to SiteGround and click on “Get Started” under “Web Hosting”.

On the next screen you will be given the choices of plans you can go with for your hosting. For most bloggers, StartUp is all you need (you can upgrade at any time if you need).

Make your selection by clicking the “Get Plan” under your choice.

On the next screen you will either enter the new domain you want to purchase or enter the domain you already own.

If you enter a domain you already own, this will remove the charge for purchasing a domain (you will see this on the next screen).

Once you are done, click “Proceed”.

After you select your domain name/URL, now you enter your information to create an account and your information.

Please note that when you sign up for a new domain name, legally your contact information is made public! See below for an option to add Domain Privacy to your plan if you are purchasing your domain (I highly recommend this!).

When you scroll down you will see the area to enter your payment information.

Before you submit your payment, there are some other options you can choose from.

Under “Hosting Services” you can select how long you want the plan. This will default to 12 months but can go up to 36 months.

With the introductory price only when you initially sign up, I cannot recommend enough signing up for the maximum number of time to lock in that price!

Please note that the above screenshot shows domain registration – if you already have a domain this charge will not appear.

Then, SiteGround will show you some additional services you can add-on to your plan:

  • SiteScanner: this is $15.95/year and notifies you if it detects any malicious code on your site (hackers). Completely up to you though you can also get free plugins for this!
  • Domain Privacy: at the time of writing this, this is $12/year and protects your registered domain name, your personal information which is made public without this protection. I highly recommend adding this on to your plan!

Lastly you will need to agree to Siteground’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and select if you want to receive emails from Siteground with promotions (only the first is required).

When you check your applicable boxes, then click “Pay Now”.

You’re all signed up and ready to roll!

Installing WordPress on SiteGround

Now that you have your hosting account with SiteGround, it’s time to install WordPress.

Go into the Customer Area (login to SiteGround) and a pop-up should appear asking if you want to start a new website on your account.

Select the option and then click the WordPress button.

The next section should appear and ask you to create credentials to use to login to your WordPress site.

Make sure to choose a secure password to help protect you from future hacking! Click “Confirm” when you are done.

The next screen will ask you if you want to include any enhancements (all completely optional – take a look to see if you want to install anything) and to confirm you agree to the SiteGround Terms of Service.

When done, click “Complete Setup”.

You’re done!

Logging Into WordPress

In order to login to WordPress after you are done, all you need to do is go to your domain with “/wp-admin” after your domain.

Example: yourdomain .com/wp-admin

Then use the login credentials you created through SiteGround to access your site.

Get to blogging!

Transferring A Site?

If you are transferring your WordPress site from another host, check out this article on Siteground to help you complete the process.

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