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Create HTML For You Blog When You Don’t Know How To Code (with video)

Do you occasionally run into instances where you need HTML code but you have no idea how to write HTML? Whether you need to add a hyperlink, an image, or simple text formatting, there’s a simple and easy way to create it without scouring Google for code snippets!

By using this simple hack to create HTML code, you can easily modify fields or areas of your blog that don’t have a rich text editor for easy formatting without writing a single line of HTML code.

Who Needs HTML Code For Dummies?

You know those books that are “such and such for Dummies”? They do have one that is HTML for Dummies…and you may learn a lot from a book like that. You could have a not so quick reference to all sorts of code that you will need very seldom in this growing world of technology.

Sure, there are a few basics you may want to learn for quick formatting, but there is a way to get around needing to do complex coding that will have you wasting tons of time Googling HTML code over and over again.

Trick To Create Easy HTML Code Without Coding

Simple instructions on creating HTML code in WordPress:

  1. Since WordPress contains a native, rich text editor when you are editing posts or pages, just open up a new post (or page). The view will default to the visual editor (rich text editor).
  2. Create what you need: insert an image that links to another page, add the text and format, create a bullet point list, or whatever else you need to create.
  3. Once finished, go up to the vertical triple dot in the upper right-hand corner of the post editor. Click on it and click on “Code Editor”. BAM! There’s your HTML!
  4. Copy the HTML and paste it where you need the code to appear, whether that be a basic text field in a widget or within a plugin that doesn’t have a rich text editor.
  5. Save.
  6. Done!

It’s seriously that easy!

I cannot tell you how many bloggers see this hack and say “how did I not think of this?!”

Want more hacks? Check out this trick for adding no-follow to all your affiliate links with the Pretty Links plugin (free)!

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