The pros and cons of creating a mom blog. By looking at the good and the bad aspects of becoming a mom blogger, you are better able to make the right choice for YOU.

The Pros And Cons Of Creating A Mom Blog

With so many blogs out there written by moms, why would you want to create your own mom blog? Isn’t the market too saturated? What would be the point?

If you are looking to start a blog, there is something you have that nobody else has: your own, unique voice. Your experiences and your personality are all your own and nobody can replicate YOU.

But, let’s look a little more into the benefits and challenges of creating your own blog:

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Share Your Expertise


Any hobby, profession or interest can be turned into a great reference for others and outlet for your passions.

Sure, you may be a mom, but you do not have to blog about motherhood.

There are tons of women out there who find a topic they really enjoy and create a successful blog.

If your only goal for blogging is to have an outlet to share your experiences (like a journal), this is the perfect way to do just that (and you can do that without any cost!).


Since we all have something to say, that doesn’t mean that what you have to say is more popular than what others have or will create alongside you. No matter what niche (the main topic of your blog) you choose, you will have competition.

To be heard and get traffic, you will need to learn a lot about how to get your voice out there in a way that appeals to your audience (your target readers).

This can sound very discouraging. And it can be, especially when you are first starting out. But if you stick with it and try different things to figure out what works, you CAN create an amazing blog that people WANT to read.

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Connect With Other Moms


Some of us are working moms and others are stay-at-home-moms (or a combination of the two). Whatever your life may be, there is a huge community out there of supportive mothers to join your digital tribe.

The biggest benefit of forming a group of supportive women who have similar interests is to make friends and have a common goal: sharing your experiences (and/or making money online, whatever your motivation).


Parenthood can be very isolating (especially for stay-at-home-moms). Many of us are constantly looking for (or at least needing) other moms to connect with.

It’s great to connect with other moms online but commenting on a Facebook Messenger isn’t the same as working with someone face-to-face.

Having a “day job” where you go to work with other people is a great way to interact with your fellow adults. But, a “day job” usually comes with the added need for childcare (for some whose kids aren’t school-aged), and, generally, you are working for somebody else (or a company).

However, in some areas, there are meet up groups you can join to connect with your fellow mom bloggers in person (if you so choose). Just look in Facebook groups or look on for local communities to connect with other moms.

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Make Money From Home


It’s amazing that we live in an age where we can make money working from home. You can be your own boss and be in complete control of your future.

There are tons of ways to make money, though blogging is not a get rich quick scheme.

Usually, blogging is a long game of getting traffic and forming relationships with companies or affiliate programs to make money. But here is a short list of SOME of the ways you can make money from a blog:

  • Affiliate Programs: These are programs where you get a commission for sales (like on Amazon, for online courses, and other services). Basically, a reader clicks on a link you create through your program and you make money if they purchase the product or service. Some programs will offer a commission for clicks but most offer commission based on sales from that reader.
  • Sponsored Posts: Some companies offer compensation for highlighting their products (either monetary or product). These offers can come right to you but, especially when you first start out, you may contact companies to see if they would be willing to pay you or send you product for exposure on your site (or social media). Most of the time, companies are looking for the greatest reach for their product so may only approve a post or social media blast if you have a certain level of following (either number of people coming to your blog or number of followers on social media).
  • Products: If you have a trade and wish to sell products (physical or digital), you can sell them on your blog or through other sites. This can be anything like making felt play food and selling it on or selling digital patterns for felt play food on your site (or others).
  • Courses: Do you have expertise in an area where you can offer a digital course for your topic? You can sell a course you created to your readers. This will likely be the number one way a lot of bloggers will suggest you make money (this and digital products).
  • eBooks: Much like courses, if you have the knowledge to write a book about your topic, you can sell it on your site or on others like
  • Ads: You can place advertisements (ads) on your site to bring in some extra money. Keep in mind that the amount you make is greatly based on the company who provides the ads and how many readers come to your blog. You also need to consider the experience for your user if you use too many ads.

While there are many ways to make money on a blog, only you will be able to determine what is the best fit for you and your blog.


Making money from a blog isn’t something that usually happens overnight.

Some bloggers can tell you some crazy, amazing numbers (and you will see MANY income reports on your journey), but these are mostly edge cases.

Many blogs will take a year or more to grow their traffic (readers on your blog) enough to really start making money.

Plus, with a regular day job, you at least get an hourly wage. As a blogger, you will receive commissions and earn money from your readers, which has seasonality (more popular times of the year based on what you are highlighting) and you can’t “rely” on a steady flow without a lot of work and dedication.

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The Cost Of Blogging

The cost of blogging isn’t just monetary (money). It takes time, dedication and drive to keep going.

The amount of time and effort you put into your blog is entirely up to you. But the old saying “you get back what you put into it” is very true for blogging.

As mentioned earlier, if you merely want to blog for fun, there is little to no cost required. And, the time and energy you put into your blog will be for personal gain rather than for income (so you can skip the following pros and cons list if you wish).

To make money blogging:


All you really need is a domain (the web address/URL for your blog) and a host (a company that will store your blog’s digital files).

A lot of the functionality you need to get going is completely free (most of the plugins used by this mama are free).


There can be lots of different costs you may not think about, some are highly recommended and others are completely optional:

  • SSL License: The new standard for sites is to get an SSL license (this makes the data from your site safer for users and places an ‘s’ after your ‘http’ to make it ‘https’). Adding this to your site is sometimes a requirement for sponsored posts and some affiliate programs.
  • Plugins: With a ton of ways to make money blogging and make your site user friendly (easy for your readers to navigate and understand), there are lots of plugins for free but some have great functionality for their paid versions.
  • Blog Theme: Many bloggers choose to go with a free theme (the look and style of your blog), but many choose to purchase a theme to stand out against competition and provide a better experience for their readers.
  • Stock photography: There are both free and paid services you can use.
  • Courses: Though these aren’t required, there is a lot to learn about blogging, from general blogging know-how to affiliate marketing and social media usage for success.
  • Email Services: There are some email services that are free up to a certain number of subscribers (readers who sign up to receive emails from you). But, once you reach a certain number (like 1,000), there will be a monthly charge. Depending on the service you choose, you may or may not choose to purchase other means of creating email collection forms (opt-in forms) for your blog.
  • Design Services or Programs: If you plan to share your content on social media, there are both free and paid services to make your own images (or people to make them for you).
  • Social Sharing Services: There are limited free and many paid services to schedule your sharing of content on social media. You can do all of this manually. As a busy mom, having a means to schedule these shares has been a lifesaver.

There are others, but those are a good place to start thinking about your potential financial contribution to your blog.

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Find An Outlet For YOU


It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of being amom. Some of us find it hard to separate ourselves as human beings from taking care of our kids.

With a blog, you can dedicate time and energy to something that is all about and all for you.

When we have kids, our lives change. We are given this amazing gift of endless love for tiny humans. But going through motherhood isn’t all flowers and butterflies. The endless routines (and struggles) of parenthood can wear us down and make us feel like we have lost a part of ourselves.

Being able to write and share your life and interests with others is incredibly freeing.


Finding the time and energy to devote to you is not easy.

With younger kids, nap time can be your “you time” (which may or may not be the best time to write on your blog depending on your requirements for self care).

If you have older kids, maybe you can find time while yourkids are in school or after they go to sleep.

The majority of this article has been typed one handed while with a baby sleeps in the other arm

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Choose What Is Right For You

There are a million sites out there telling you what you need to do to succeed as a blogger. But, being a mom brings its own, unique challenges.

This blog is NOT going to tell you blogging is easy as a mom. It is not going to tell you that making money is easy (though for some it can be).

What Blogging About Momming will do is suggest resources, tools and methods that has worked for this mama. 90% of everything you will read is from actual experience (with some information on what others have suggested or done being the other 10%).

When you first start out as a blogger, it can be amazingly overwhelming. There is a learning curve, especially if you aren’t technology inclined.

But, it is possible to get going with little to no effort. Our goal is to help you get your feet under you to get started with as little confusion as possible (this mama was LOST with the onslaught of information).

So, are you interested in learning more?

Remember, you can go at your own pace and make sure to stop reading if you get overwhelmed. Coming back to a topic another time can help you keep the stress out of the process of getting started.

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