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How To Use SEO In EVERY Blog Post (with free checklist!)

Struggling to understand (and remember) all of the little tasks you need to complete when you create a blog post? Below is a list of everything you should complete before pushing that “publish” button.

By having a clear list of tasks to complete for each blog post to rank in Google through SEO, you can easily remember to do all of the little updates without the headache.

This article won’t waste your time with tons of lead-in text that isn’t needed. Jump right in and there are helpful links to more information in the bullet points below.

To help distill the information for you (as much as possible), here is a quick checklist for all your posts:

  1. Make sure your main keyword is in the post title
  2. Make sure your main keyword is in the URL slug (with only the keyword if possible – this will look something like “handling-toddler-tantrums” at the end of your URL)
  3. Make sure your main keyword is in your meta description (the summary that shows in Google search results)
  4. Make sure your main keyword is in the first 100-200 words of your post (though some prefer to put it in the first paragraph, as is suggested by the popular Yoast SEO plugin)
  5. Find related keywords to your main keyword and sprinkle them throughout your post (notably in the headings if possible)
  6. Link to related content on your own site
  7. Link externally to other sites in your niche (cite sources, etc; this shows you have done research and makes you look more “trustworthy” to Google)
  8. Include keywords in your image titles and alt text (which is what you can use for your Pinterest description as well!)
  9. Make sure you are doing in depth content with headers and bolded, important text – be the BEST resource (“one stop shop”) to answer as many questions as you can think of for your readers

Below is a quick snapshot of a great post with keywords (doesn’t list linking suggestions since this will be different for every post). The featured image and post title order will be determined by your theme:

Infographic showing the the perfect blog post outline using SEO keywords, CTAs, headings and Pinterest images.

To see more detailed information, check out this SEO post.

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