GDPR and CCPA Compliance

GDPR And CCPA Compliance

Thank you for your interest in getting started ensuring your blog or website is GDPR and CCPA compliant!

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Following privacy laws one your site can be overwhelming – who in the world can decipher all the legal jargon in these things?! (well a lawyer, sure…)

Now, I do have to add that I am NOT a lawyer.

I’m a blogger who has implemented GDPR and CCPA compliance on many many websites and has been reviewed by a lawyer as being compliant.

I can also only offer my help to site owners who live in the USA and use WordPress. While I would love to offer this to anyone in the world, I cannot guarantee compliance in other countries.

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If you already have legal pages, I’m happy to help you! I just like to provide a help for those on a budget and who are going to be purchasing the legal templates anyway!

And the templates I recommend are the exact templates I use on all my sites!

You will need to get the Website Legal Policy Bundle (affiliate link) and Cookie Policy (FREE through this link) which contains everything you need. Everything else I implement or recommend is free!

*Please note that this is for full price bundle purchases only. If you receive a discount please contact me to determine any additional charge for this service.

Here are the pages you will need:

  • Privacy Policy
  • CCPA Policy
  • Disclaimer Policy
  • Terms & Conditions Policy
  • Cookie Policy (not included in the main bundle! But you can get her free Cookie Policy here)

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What Is Included?

Below are the tasks I will undertake for you to make your site compliant:

  • Add/update a cookie notice pop up (plugin) – free plugin – that meets all GDPR and CCPA requirements
  • Update all your legal pages as needed (depending on where you are with your pages)
  • Implement a form page for the “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” requirement of CCPA
  • Update your footer to include necessary links for compliance
  • Provide recommendations and documentation for all future actions or changes needed outside of your blog (like your opt in forms)

If you look at the bottom of this page and see a massive list of legal links, this is overkill and is not necessary on websites. We can discuss if you want to be this thorough or just meet the requirements of GDPR and CCPA (which will be the default unless we agree otherwise).

What is NOT included:

  • Making any changes through your Email Service Provider (ESP) for your opt in forms (recommendations will be provided)
  • Guaranteeing that all plugins listed in the Cookies Policy are complete or accurate (you must report all plugins or services you use that track cookies – I will run a search but it is the responsibility of the site owner to make sure the plugins or services are GDPR compliant)

Want To Get Started?

The form below will allow you to share all the information I need to get started on your site.

Have questions? You can include them in the form below or email me at admin

After you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation email and then another one within 48 hours with details on next steps.

If we have agreed on services or you have purchased the bundle mentioned earlier, feel free to click on Get Started below to submit any payment.

Enter Your Info

Once we have agreed on services, please fill out the form below!

Some of the info may seem like overkill but it is all information that is required for me to get your site compliant for both GDPR and CCPA. Any information submitted in this form is confidential and does not opt you in to receiving emails from me other than coordination of services.

GDPR and CCPA Compliance Intake
Do you live in the USA and use WordPress? *
I can only assist those that live in the USA and use WordPress as their site platform
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Just to get a sense of where you are currently on your site
Both to let me know if your cookie notice plugin needs to change and what form builder I will be using to create a CCPA compliance form
Do you sell any information you collect from your visitors? *
This will be no for 99% of bloggers and website owners but has to be explicitly called out for CCPA
For use in your legal pages
By default this will be black with white text
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If you have floating share buttons at the bottom I suggest the top of your page (especially for the mobile user experience)
Do you use email opt in forms on your site? *
While I do not make modifications to opt in forms, I will make recommendations for any changes
Do you send emails to your visitors after opting in that contain marketing of products or affiliate links? *
If you send a general newsletter that do not "sell" to your subscribers you don't need a special checkbox on your opt in forms. But if you DO, I will make recommendations for changes to make.
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